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The Buil & Giné estate is situated at Gratallops, in the Catalonian wine growing region to the south east of Barcelona, in the heart of the Priorat mountains. Here, the landscape is a reflection of the region’s harsh, dry climate, with terraces carved out of steep hills and rugged soils of black slate and quartz, known locally as ‘llicorella’, for which the region is famous.

The Priorat is one of two regions in Spain to have obtained DOCa status (Denominaciò D’origen Qualificada), renowned for the quality and the consistency of its vineyards and wines. Vines have been growing in the Priorat for centuries, since the Carthusian monks first brought back vine stocks and winemaking techniques from their travels in France.

The vines on the estate, most of them over 45 years old, flourish in this terroir where they plunge their roots into the soil to seek out essential nutrients at depth, allowing them to resist the harsh climatic conditions that are endemic here.

Xavier Buil, a native of the region descended from six generations of winemakers, founded Buil & Giné in 1998, creating the name from an amalgamation of his grandfather’s name “Buil” and his mother’s maiden name “Giné”. Xavier called on the precious support of experienced partners, including José Sardo, whose commitment and desire to innovate contributed to the magnificent work accomplished on the estate with total respect for nature and the vineyard. Their aim, which has not waivered for over 20 years, is to create wines that incarnate the soul of the terroir from which they spring, that are true to their origins, honest, refined, authentic and accessible.

Kairos has the great honour of being able to present a selection of three rare wines from this estate, from an extremely limited production (only 300 bottles per vintage), one of which is made from 100-year-old vines. Kairos has exclusivity for these specially selected wines in Switzerland. This partnership is the result of meeting between José Sardo, an ambassador for the Priorat, and Yves Delaporte who, inspired by the same values, wish to share the discovery of this gem of an estate with other wine lovers.

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