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Clos de Tsampéhro is the shared adventure of Joël Briguet, Vincent Tenud, Christian Gellerstad and Johanna Dayer, four lovers of good wine, the Valais, and with a profound respect for nature.

The magical Clos de Tsampéhro is an estate of just three hectares in a single block that sits at an average altitude of 660 metres in the vine growing commune of Lens, in Switzerland, in the heart of the mountains of the Valais.

The work in the vineyard is driven by the greatest respect for the soils and the environment. All treatments are carried out with organic products, and biodynamic preparations are applied twice a year, after the grape harvest and in the spring. Numerous fruit trees have been planted to build up a balanced ecosystem within the Clos, and green manure is provided by cover crops such as red clover, alfalfa and fescue grasses. And to help boost the natural organic content of the soils, compost made from shredded vine cuttings and grape residues (skin and pips) left after fermentation is spread in the vines.

The major part of the work in the vineyards is done by hand, with meticulous care. The soils are maintained by regular hoeing and weeding using winch traction. No chemical herbicides are used.

The philosophy of the Clos consists of minimizing intervention and allowing the grapes to express their natural potential. When making the red wines, the grapes are never crushed and are moved around by gravity, and the white grapes are pressed in whole bunches. All four of their wines are vinified exclusively in French oak, with the barrels being used over several vintages to avoid overpowering the wines. The reds are fermented in large conical wooden vats before being transferred to barrels of between 225 and 500 litres. The whites are wholly fermented in barrels, a small proportion of which are new.

The wines are kept for a minimum of twenty months in barrel, and regularly stirred to create the extra smoothness that comes from contact with the lees. There is no racking, nor tartaric stabilization or fining during the maturing phase, in order to preserve all the natural characteristics of the young wines.

Today Clos de Tsampéhro has a palette of ten grape varieties at its disposal for the creation of its four wines. The choice of varieties and the proportions cultivated were determined by the desire to produce three blended wines, including one that is an audacious mix of indigenous and international varieties, and a fourth crafted from a rare and ancient variety:

Clos de Tsampéhro Brut > Petite Arvine, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir
Clos de Tsampéhro White > Rèze & Heïda
Clos de Tsampéhro Red > Cornalin, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
Clos de Tsampéhro Completer

These four crus are now recognized as part of the elite of Swiss wines. KAIROS is delighted to offer all four wines to its customers, including the exceedingly rare and limited quantity Completer. Top quality wines that also have the incredible capacity to provoke emotion through a unique resonance conferred by the magic of their place of origin.

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