The Delalot vineyards are spread across the hillsides of Charly sur-Marne and Saulchery in the Marne valley, in Champagne. They produce champagnes made from organic vines that are tended by hand and tilled by animal traction.

Éliane Delalot, who created the estate, was devoted to her vines and cultivated the vineyard as if it were garden. Her son, Jérôme Lefèvre, who took over from her now perpetuates her work in the same spirit.

“Luxury is, first and foremost, time”, says Jérôme, who is convinced that rich, healthy soil is a necessary pre-requisite for making exceptional wines, and his champagnes are truly exceptional. He works organically on the 1.07-hectare vineyard and has an all-inclusive approach, employing practices such as the use of straw and woodchip mulch that he has prepared himself, natural grass cover, and preparations of plants and essential oils. He explains “it is important to us to use these different methods which allow us to go beyond organic and biodynamic practices. I like to think of wine as an object of contemplation, in the same way that the page of a book, a painting or a landscape can be.”

“Luxury is also synonymous with rarity. At Delalot, we make mainly micro-cuvees. We produce only 400 bottles of LES ILLUMINATIONS, our rosé de saignée, and the blanc de noirs PLÉIADES, and no more than 900 bottles of the vintage champagnes, each one individually handled and numbered by hand.”

This approach in the vineyards also extends to the winemaking methods that favour slow fermentations which observe the lunar calendar at every stage. The wines express all the unique character of the terroir and are resolutely contemporary.

The champagnes are deliciously and intensely fruity with a subtle effervescence, conceived for maximum pleasure and to accompany the finest cuisine.

Kairos is delighted to have the exclusive privilege of presenting a selection of Delalot champagnes in Switzerland. Champagnes where excellence is the watchword from the first attentions in the vineyard right through to tasting.

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