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Bugey sits in the south-east corner of the department of Ain, in the Rhone Alpes region of France, in the heart of the golden triangle formed by Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva. This discreet wine growing region, with vines that cover only 500 hectares, is a land of contrasting relief and great beauty that reserves many delightful surprises for visitors and wine lovers.

The AOC Bugey-Cerdon appellation was created in 2009. The seven hectares of Domaine Gaec Balivet, on stony, south, south-east facing inclines around the village of Mérignat, have been in the family for several generations and cultivated organically since 1984. They obtained Ecocert certification in 1999. The owners, Vincent and Cécile Balivet, are craft winemakers who produce an organic Cerdon made from Gamay and Poulsard.

They work the soils mainly by hand, and the vine prunings are shredded and turned into the soil after the addition of tisanes of home-made compost in order to encourage and develop life in the soils.

All treatments are natural, based on Bordeaux mixture, micronized sulphur, and extracts of seaweed and silica. The grapes are picked entirely by hand and pressed in a pneumatic press.

Bugey Cerdon wines are demi-sec sparkling wines, made using the ancestral method which consists of stopping alcoholic fermentation by a rapid reduction in temperature, thus retaining the level of residual sugar necessary to balance the wine’s acidity. It is then bottled and continues its fermentation, adding 1 to 2% to finally arrive at 8%.

The two Bugey Cerdon wines from Domaine Gaec Balivet that are proposed by KAIROS - the cuvee Gamay (monovarietal) et the cuvee Cécile (Gamay/Poulsard) - are superb sparkling rosés that are bubbly and luminous, joyful, fresh and delicious. Beautifully delicate and diaphanous, they will be unanimously appreciated!

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