Kairos means “the opportune moment”.
It represents the decisive turning point, the critical time to act,
supported by the right people and true to the values that guide us.

About us

In 2018, after 35 years spent in the world of high finance, Yves Delaporte founded KAIROS Projects. With a strong attachment to the authenticity of the terroir and the preservation of nature, KAIROS Products came into being, carried by the shared expertise and enthusiasm of a small group of friends.

Our objective is to explore, discover and showcase high quality natural products in collaboration with partner producers who are faithful to a work philosophy that respects life.
We seek to offer total transparency to enable you to make a conscious choice, but always with a maximum of pleasure.


Our commitments

Our commitment to the project and its philosophy are essential, enabling us to bring to light natural products of the highest quality.

See more about Kairos’ philosophy and commitments.


Our selection is based on close relations with producers who respect the authenticity of their terroirs and who seek to avoid the classic distribution systems and large retailers. Many of them use artisanal methods, and produce very limited quantities.


We commit to providing and sharing in all transparency the information we have received from our partner producers, and in so doing facilitate the traceability of the products proposed by Kairos Products.


We undertake to provide a quality delivery service that respects our products from Switzerland and other countries, distributed only in the Helvetic Confederation.


We remain at your service to permanently improve and extend our services and our range of products. For us, feedback is an essential element to ensure that your experience with KAIROS Products remains unique.


A question? A suggestion? A request?
If you are a producer and would like to collaborate with KAIROS Products, or a customer, or would simply like to share an idea, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We would be happy to hear from you.

Kairos Projects Sàrl, Route d’Oron 90, 1697 La Joux