Experience and ethos are the essential pillars on which our activity is founded. We rely on them to bring to light natural products of the highest quality that have been crafted by our partner producers using sustainable methods with respect for our shared values.

We ensure that each product discovered, selected and proposed by KAIROS Products fully respects our philosophy.

We vow to select producers who adhere to working methods that all respectful of all living matter, and who offer total transparency to those who discover and consume their products.

We aim to showcase excellence in the working methods, skills and individuality of our partner producers, to highlight their respect for nature, the authenticity of their products and their different terroirs.

We endeavour to make available all the information necessary for the traceability of these products in all transparency, in association with, and based on a relationship of confidence with our partner producers.

The main points of information are summarised in a product sheet attached to each product presented on our website and our online boutique. Additional information is available upon request.