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The Vignes de Paradis vineyards are situated at Ballaison, near Thonon-les-Bains in the Haute-Savoie, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The master of ceremonies here, Dominique Lucas, fifth generation of a family of winemakers, nurtures his 7.5 hectares that span three appellations, Crépy, Marignan and Marin

For his Chasselas, which he has made his speciality and of which he is the maestro, he made the decision to leave the appellation system to allow himself the freedom and creativity necessary for the production of natural wines. Wines that are appreciated and sought after by an ever more demanding and knowledgeable clientele.

He is a purist, and like an artist in a permanent quest for perfection his work is guided by his convictions and his values, with full respect for biodynamic principles. The estate was completed by the plantation of other varieties like Chardonnay, Savagnin, Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

The grapes are picked in five separate passes in order to harvest them at optimum ripeness. They are rigorously sorted on the vine and again on arrival in the cellar. The winemaking process is traditional, long, with ageing in large barrels, concrete eggs, amphorae and pyramids.

Yields are kept deliberately low for greater precision and balance in the wines. Older, more rugged vines are tilled by horse traction. Once the harvest is in, the vineyards are turned over to sheep for grazing to maintain the soils. The vines are treated with medicinal plants picked in the mountains and dried on the property. Dominique is guided by the lunar calendar when working in the vines and in his winemaking operations.

To strengthen the connection with the terroir, new vats have been constructed using spring water from Thonon les Bains, local gravel and Chamonix sand, and these have already been used to make some of the wines.

Every single action, whether in the vines or in relation to the wines, is carried out with the deepest respect for biodynamics. Vignes de Paradis is above all an estate that produces wines of incredible finesse, that are subtle, authentic and magnificently mineral. A craft and an energy that Kairos would like to share with you.

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